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Time and again, the residents of Tampa, Florida face slab settlement or settling concrete issues and that is a serious problem. And there’s no better company more qualified to provide such competent and impeccable concrete lifting Tampa and leveling services than Spray Pro Concrete Lifting.

Our team has been providing the most efficient, affordable and economical concrete lifting Tampa services for over a number of decades since we first opened up. We are some of the best-trained professionals who take into account all the needs of our customers before offering our impeccable concrete lifting services. Our spotless reputation has been made possible due to our unwavering urge to help those affected by slab settling and the overwhelmingly positive responses we’ve received from our customers upon a job well done.

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If you’re new to the whole concrete lifting Tampa concept and want to know more before you think about investing your hard-earned money to this method, then we will be happy to run you through everything there is to know right here.

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About Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is a method that corrects irregular, cracked, tilted or sunken concrete slabs or surfaces. It is much cheaper than pouring replacement concrete and is usually done for private homes, small businesses like warehouses, factories, roads, highways, airports and a bunch of other infrastructures.

Concrete lifting Tampa has a number of other names like mud jacking, slab jacking, concrete raising, and concrete leveling. It is a more affordable alternative to concrete replacement that can help you level a number of areas that are affected by slab settlement.

There are two types of concrete lifting methods that are used these days: mudjacking and polyurethane concrete lifting Tampa.

Mudjacking Tampa


Mudjacking, sometimes known as slab jacking, although not exactly, has been in use for more than half a century now. It uses a mix of portland and topsoil cements that have been injected underground to lift concrete slabs up hydraulically. Although mud jacking can be done with a variety of other mixtures and the most common one of them is either sand blended or local soil mixed with cement and water.

The process of mudjacking involves drilling several holes, usually in a diameter of 2 inches through the uneven or cracked area to reach underneath the slab. Then a mixture of mud, cement, sand and some other materials are pumped hydraulically through those holes.

The mixture then causes the soil beneath the slab to be stabilized and forms pressures that lift up the concrete. And after the surface goes up to level, the drill holes are patched.

Before/After Concrete Lifting Tampa

Stone Slurry Grout Leveling

This concrete lifting Tampa method lifts weakened slabs with a pulverized limestone that is sometimes mixed with water as well as Portland cement, forming a slurry that resembles the consistency of a thick milkshake. The slurry pumps under the slab hydraulically through 1-inch holes. Due to its semi-fluid behavior, it will push against itself, ultimately filling the void beneath the slab. Once the voids are filled, the pressure lifts the slab slowly up into place.

Trained professionals can control a concrete slab’s lift precisely due to the slurry’s low pressure, without being concerned about lifting it too much. It also prevents the slab from being damaged or cracked any further. And when the slab finally comes into place. The holes drilled earlier will be filled with a non-shrink grout.

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane concrete lifting Tampa or spending-structural foam leveling involves raising concrete using a polyurethane foam that is done using incremental injections. A trained contractor drills small holes in the concrete slab first. And then once the holes have been set high-density and specialized two-part polyurethane foam is injected strategically through the holes below the concrete surface.

This foam rapidly expands and hardens, which lifts and stabilizes the sunken concrete back into its original position. Now the concrete slab has been perfectly leveled and stabilized, the injections are complete and quick-setting concrete is filled into the drill holes.

Although the material is injected at higher pressures than traditional cementitious grouts, the lifting isn’t exactly caused by the pressure. The material underneath the slab needs to find weak soils first, expanding them in a way that will cause and consolidate subsoils to become even denser and fill up any void under the slab. After that, the concrete structure will immediately be useful again.

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Benefits of Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Reduces Labor Costs

One of the best benefits of concrete lifting Tampa is the number of costs that you won’t incur. For a typical concrete replacement job, people usually hire a mudjacking company to discard and stabilize the foundation, demolish the slab and install a new one. These jobs take up a lot of materials, time, and workforce which leads to overwhelming costs and a couple of weeks until the slab can be used normally. Although polyurethane foam concrete lifting Tampa is more expensive than slab jacking, it is still better than traditional options.

Limited Damage

Since mudjacking doesn’t involve the use of heavy equipment, no excruciating damage will be done in your yard. Mudjacking workers use a truck that they park on the streets. Not to mention the drillings are kept away from your landscaping. Although pressure hose to find its way through your lawn, it’s unlikely to cause any real significant damage.

Extremely Lightweight

Polyurethane foam is permanent, doesn’t lose its density and only weighs about 4 pounds per cubic foot, compared to traditional mud jacking material which weighs in about 100 pounds per cubic foot.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike traditional slab replacement methods that take about 28 days before it’s ready as it needs time to cure, concrete lifting is ready to use almost immediately. Even the larger jobs can take more time to complete, many mud jacking projects are finished in about an hour or two.

Fills Up Soil Voids

The real problem that slab replacement doesn’t address is the soil voids that lie under the damaged concrete. And because these empty pockets of air still remain, the slab will likely settle again sometime in the future. Mudjacking and/or slab jacking is the only solution that fills up these soil voids. Because of this, the concrete will be more stable and secure, and the repairs will last much longer.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

The chances of injury on your property will be more if the slab on your premises either uneven or compromised. And if there are other people living with you, then those chances will go up even more. That’s why when the soil voids, as we mentioned earlier, are filled up by mud jacking or slab jacking, any chances of those aforementioned injuries happening will be reduced tenfold.


Another great facility that comes with mud jacking is that the cement slurry is comprised of natural materials that don’t produce anyways, and the work done requires very little energy too. This shows that slab jacking is perhaps the most environmentally friendly concrete repair method you can find.

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As a general rule, any company specializing in concrete lifting in Tampa has to have at least a few years of experience if they are to be considered reliable as well as consistent. Besides expertise, dependable contractors with legitimate experience should also provide credible advice, insight and recommendations. For example, they should give you advice on various types of concrete leveling options and be able to determine which option is best for your project. If you’re looking for an experienced concrete lifter in Tampa, then Spray Pro is your go-to contractor.

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